Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of November Photos

Good-bye, November. I am not sorry to see you go.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Great Expectations...

...are often followed by Great Disappointments. This is how we find ourselves, three and a half months after my mom moved in with us, helping her plan her great escape. Ah, I make light of it, but it is sad for all of us. So many factors contributed to her wanting to make the move back to southern California. Some of it was boredom, loneliness for more human interaction, more rain in two months than she's seen in 20 years, and the usual friction between mothers and daughters when historical roles are both reversed and revised by dementia, and sheer cantankerousness on both our parts.

We all tried, we really did. Roger and I are both very quiet, self-contained people. We can spend hours and hours directing our attention to things that interest us: gardening, photography, backyard birds, sun and moon rises and sets, atmospheric optics, cooking and baking. Most of these things are done with hardly a word spoken, but just single-minded intent to get things done. It didn't occur to us that ongoing conversation would be an integral part of my mother's happiness. And really, even though we know now, we still don't have that much to say. See, I'm happily typing this, and I'm not saying a word out loud. Not a good thing for my mom who needs way more stimulation than either one of us could offer.

So, on December 10 my sister is flying up from southern California, and the two of them are heading back on the 13th. My mom is moving into an assisted living facility that's only 1.7 miles from my sister's house, much closer than the previous facility. We're all hoping this will be a good move for her, that she will be more socially engaged and stimulated there. I told her that it's probably a good idea for her to play with people her own age. We both laughed.

This not how we thought it would go, but this is how it's going. I have a whole new respect for people who can live multi-generationally and do it successfully. I once believed that that was how it "should" be. Now I'm pretty convinced it most definitely is not. Not anymore. Not the way we do it in the modern world. Not in these times of the broken vestiges of the ancient human family. It doesn't work.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

garden update november 1

garden posts are for us to have some record as it is not easy to remember what and when we planted. garden news is also a nice respite from all the other news. and it is fun to share. how is your garden doing? yes, the pictures were taken nov 1. i am a bit late posting.

two views of the beds which will get some sun all winter. carrots, beets(red and white), lettuce, kale(three kinds, two ravaged by bugs), chard(rainbow), and peas. we did roughly plan for winter stuff but this really worked out very well. we are due to get some cedar trees behind the west fence trimmed, which will give these beds much more sunlight this winter.
this bed has chard and beets. it will get very little sun til march. the tree trimming will give it a bit more but the house next door blocks it most of the day.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Snowy Egrets

We saw these two Snowy Egrets out at the marsh. We imagined they were having a conversation. 
They walked along just chatting away. Perhaps it was about our country and the most recent election.
Yes, that must have been it. Because suddenly they simply turned their backs on each other and went their separate ways.

I love when birds tell us a story.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Bovines

Whenever we take the drive from Arcata to Eureka we pass through pasture lands for dairy cows. We often see hundreds of cows as we go zooming by.
I'll confess that we always say hello and MOO to them as we drive past. They probably know us by now.

The other day on one of the trips to take my mom to the dentist, we saw something that was definitely not cow. It was bovine for sure.
We drove past, waved, said "hello buffalo," but we didn't know what sound to make. We'll have to find out! Ah, a new project. (Just found the sound a bison makes. Wow! I don't think we can do that one.)

Hope you are all well and recovering from the election. We're still waking in the night with dread and fear.