Friday, April 03, 2020

Friday Music: Life's A Long Song

It's hard to imagine that I was only 19 years old when I first heard this song and that nearly a half century has passed since. Roger and I were playing songs that began with the letter "L" on our iPhone when this song came on. I had completely forgotten that we even had it. It sent me back in time like a wild and wonderful flashback and also seemed so relevant for the present moment. Life is a long song... yes, it really is.

Monday, March 30, 2020

A Different Kind of Corona

Just seeing the word Corona so much lately made me want to post photos of beautiful Coronas I have seen. So here to restore the word Corona to its original beauty are some photos I took when we lived in the Sierra foothills (2010-2014):

Coronas are beautiful atmospheric optics created by diffraction of light by tiny cloud droplets or sometimes small ice crystals. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Music: Two Songs

We thought it would be fun to post two songs. The first we've all heard many times and many covers. My twin brother sent us this link, and we fell in love with it. The music is beautiful, the violins tug at our hearts. In this time of sheltering in place, it's the perfect song for the moment. The second is a very short funny song that my sister sent us. It really made us laugh. A good balance in these times. Hope all is well for you. Take care, stay safe and healthy, dear friends.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Watching Birds Out The Windows

Not much to do lately but keep our eyes on the birds out our windows. Here are a few we've seen lately. They know nothing of the virus and just appreciate having the quiet outside world to themselves for a change.

This beautiful Rufous Hummingbird rested on our clothesline during its long migratory journey north

This raven was enjoying what appears to be a flour tortilla on our neighbor's roof

This Varied Thrush spent quite a bit of time on our deck, looking about nervously perhaps for a hawk

This Mourning Dove perched on the fence in the rain
We hope all is well for you in these challenging times. Take care and stay safe and healthy, friends.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Day One Million, But Who's Counting

Okay, I know I'm exaggerating... or am I? We've been isolated for so long I have lost count of the days. I think each day is a century long. Even though Roger and I are hermits, we did not get to our ripe old age being overwhelmed daily by foreboding news. This new reality requires channeling our energy (what little there is of it) to new ideas and activities.
Roger made his own face mask. He read somewhere on the internet that it would work. We had a good laugh about that.
I took out my old Tassajara Bread Book and baked a loaf of whole wheat bread. The first time I ever used this recipe was back in the 1970s when I lived in Oregon. My housemates and I planted our first garden, and I learned how to bake bread. I loved this recipe, but haven't made it in many years. It was delightful to be reminded of the rising dough, the punching down, the kneading and kneading. I think I'm going to continue baking even after this pandemic nightmare is over.

I just hope it's not a million more days from now.

Oh and you'll notice that comments don't automatically post anymore. Some anonymous person left a comment that really made me want to screen before posting. Sometimes pandemics bring out the worst in people.

We hope all is well for you out there in your own socially isolated worlds. Take care, stay safe and healthy.