Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Music: One Day

I had been thinking about what song to post on Valentine's Day. There are so many beautiful love songs out there. I just couldn't find the one that lifted my heart and spirit and hopes. For some reason I thought about this song, which isn't a love song in the traditional romantic sense at all. I went and listened to it again the other day and noticed that it had been recorded on Valentine's Day two years ago. Yes, this is our love song on Valentines' Day. One Day, please.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

No News But Sunshine

I haven't been to see the doc yet, but I did get an appointment for Friday. I'm hoping she'll have some answers. Not much new to report. No more vertigo, but ongoing unsteadiness and light-headedness. I'm careful. We have been getting in a few walks out and about. The weather has been lovely, sunny, and inviting.
The signs of spring are everywhere. I think the birds are even starting to build nests. We are more than half way to Equinox, and the flowers in the front yard are celebrating with the colors we wait for all winter.
The yellow of Daffodils and the purple Anemones remind us that no matter how shitty we feel... much the President drives us much the thoughts of flu seasons and new global viruses scare us to our rickety old bones... the flowers bloom with no ideas of such things. The season is theirs.

Thank you all for your kind good wishes. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Blogging Hiatus

The view from the bridge while zooming into town
We're taking some time off from blogging. Not sure how long, but hopefully not very. I am not well. Not sure what's going on, but I experienced three bouts of unbelievably horrible vertigo in the middle of the night and have not slept since. I haven't been to see the doctor because I am waiting to see if it will resolve on its own. I prefer avoiding doctor offices and ERs during flu season, if I can. If there is any news or a radical change in my health I (or Roger) will post something here. Until then, take care friends.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Not Even A Real Attempt At A Post

We have no words. We're waiting to see what happens next. It's hard to pretend we are living in normal times when we obviously are not. A friend posted this on Facebook and I thought it summed it up pretty well.

The first primary vote is on Tuesday.
We'll see how it goes.
Until then, how are you?

Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Music: Sailing To Philadelphia

We've been listening to this song for many years. It was released in September 2000. We're not sure how we found it, but it's been on our play list for a long, long time. I picked this song for today because it tells the story of two British astronomers/surveyors who set out to draw the border line separating Pennsylvania and Delaware from Maryland and Virgina in the 1760s. They were Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, and the line they drew became called the Mason Dixon line. It is a border that had and still has profound influence in our history and our cultural differences. I'm not sure where our country is headed these days, and we are worried down to our bones about it all. We seem to still be fighting a Civil War that was supposed to have ended a long time ago. Here in the beginning was the line, the Mason Dixon line.

I am Jeremiah Dixon
I am a Geordie Boy
A glass of wine with you, sir
And the ladies I'll enjoy
All Durham and Northumberland
Is measured up by my own hand
It was my fate from birth
To make my mark upon the earth…

He calls me Charlie Mason
A stargazer am I
It seems that I was born
To chart the evening sky
They'd cut me out for baking bread
But I had other dreams instead
This baker's boy from the west country
Would join the Royal Society…

We are sailing to Philadelphia
A world away from the coaly Tyne
Sailing to Philadelphia
To draw the line
The Mason-Dixon line

Now you're a good surveyor, Dixon
But I swear you'll make me mad
The West will kill us both
You gullible Geordie lad
You talk of liberty
How can America be free
A Geordie and a baker's boy
In the forest of the Iroquois…

Now hold your head up, Mason
See America lies there
The morning tide has raised
The capes of Delaware
Come up and feel the sun
A new morning is begun
Another day will make it clear
Why your stars should guide us here…

We are sailing to Philadelphia
A world away from the coaly Tyne
Sailing to Philadelphia
To draw the line The Mason-Dixon line