Friday, April 10, 2020

Friday Music: Blue Ridge Mountains

We love listening to this song because it reminds us that in the future music will be in the hands of some really talented people. It's also such a sweet video, watching them do their music while in what looks to be a motel room. These four people (Carson McKee, Chase Eagleson, Sierra Eagleson, and Josh Turner) have done a lot of music together and alone. All quite well done. We hope you enjoy this. (BTW, this is not their song. It belongs to an Indie band called Fleet Foxes out of Seattle. These young performers do wonderful covers. )

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Words On Wednesday: Derelict Neighbors Part 2

You may not remember the post I did a year ago about our derelict neighbors. Here is a link to it to refresh your memory. A year has passed since that post and still no one has been to the house. That makes it ten years of abandonment. If you don't go to the linked post, here's a photo of the roof their house from last year.
When I was writing about this last year, I was writing about the amazingly overgrown blackberry vines in the yard and up over the windows. This year I'm writing about what I saw when I opened the blinds Saturday morning and looked out the window.
Uh-oh. Something made quite a mess up there. So, I actually found a way to contact the owner whom we have never met. She lives in the bay area and has not been here since we moved next door five years ago.  I sent her this photo. She thanked me and said she would get someone to fix it. She apologized for being so derelict about the house.
She called someone to come and take a look. He came, looked around, and attached this tarp to the roof. The repair person said it was damage done by a critter. I photographed the tarp and sent the pic to the owner. She was very grateful and happy. Then I opened the blinds on Tuesday morning and saw this.
Uh-oh, that is one ambitious, busy little critter. So, what do you think, was it trapped inside and ripped its way out, or was it outside and ripped its way back in?

I haven't sent the follow-up photo yet. Maybe I'm just wondering what is the point? And maybe I'm starting to feel bad for the critter. I could easily argue for its adverse possession, otherwise known as squatter's rights.

Monday, April 06, 2020

What We've Been Seeing Lately

I have been inspired by John at By Stargoose and Hanglands to share some of the sights we've been seeing here lately. We don't get out so much now, but when we do, there's often something that will remind us of the beauty of our world.

The skies over our suburban street
We went to marsh for the first time in weeks
Red-winged blackbird at the marsh. We so love their song.
The old and the new in spring
The rainy weather sometimes gives us rainbows
The Egret was wondering what those white plastic bags were all about
The moody skies of springtime here
The truck was driving very very slowly so the cow could be comfortably taken back to her pasture. We assume she had attempted an escape.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Friday Music: Life's A Long Song

It's hard to imagine that I was only 19 years old when I first heard this song and that nearly a half century has passed since. Roger and I were playing songs that began with the letter "L" on our iPhone when this song came on. I had completely forgotten that we even had it. It sent me back in time like a wild and wonderful flashback and also seemed so relevant for the present moment. Life is a long song... yes, it really is.

Monday, March 30, 2020

A Different Kind of Corona

Just seeing the word Corona so much lately made me want to post photos of beautiful Coronas I have seen. So here to restore the word Corona to its original beauty are some photos I took when we lived in the Sierra foothills (2010-2014):

Coronas are beautiful atmospheric optics created by diffraction of light by tiny cloud droplets or sometimes small ice crystals.