Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Pareidolia

Pareidolia is when you have a propensity to see faces or objects in things, like clouds. I tend to do that when I'm out and about and looking around. Tuesday morning I looked out and saw this cloud formation. My first thought was, "Wow, there's a monster's face there. Look at those fiery eyes!" So I grabbed the camera and photographed it. Do you see it too?

Friday, December 06, 2019

Friday Music: Scarborough Fair Revisited

My brother sent this to us the other day, and I cannot tell you how much we love this music. A song that sends us back to our younger days being performed by such talented young people. Sometimes I think music is the one thing that gives me hope about the world. It just seems to transcend borders and boundaries, beliefs and ideas, religion and politics. When we listen to this we both sing the words from so long ago. Roger said, "You know Bob Dylan had some of the same lines in Girl From the North Country." It's true. These words, "Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine." So then we wondered who wrote the lyrics first, Dylan or Simon and Garfunkel. Well, surprise surprise for us, those words were written much longer ago and according to Wikipedia may have actually been inspired as far back as 1670. Ah music, we so love the art and poetry of it all.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Wordless Wednesday: On The Church Roof

I thought about captioning this, but then decided I would leave that up to you.

Monday, December 02, 2019

Iridescence and Grandbabies

I'm sure the neighbors must wonder why I run outside with the camera all the time, but most especially when there are some lovely high clouds and an abundance of sunshine. Well, because every now and then the clouds and sun produce iridescence like this, and it makes me happy. I blocked the sun behind one of the vents on the neighbor's roof and watched the colors unfold.
It disappears pretty fast, leaving no trace other than the smile on my face and my uplifted heart. Yes, this makes me happy.
Elena, Silas, and Ian
And this also makes me happy. Roger's youngest daughter Elena gave birth to her third child on the day before Thanksgiving. Lovely little Silas Orion arrived on November 27th and was home in time for the day of celebration on the 28th. It is truly a remarkable thing for me to see a tiny human being only a few hours old. There are nearly 8 billion humans on earth, and yet there we were looking at Silas and feeling the awe of beholding someone who is utterly unique all the way down to his DNA. We welcomed this little human to our beautiful planet with the hopes that it will be as good and beautiful for him as it has been for us when he reaches our age.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday Music: Calm and Meditative After The Fire

I had a different song picked out for today, but the phone rang and the music plans changed. It was a very dearly loved family member calling. She was crying and sounding as distressed as I've heard her sound in years. I could hardly make out what she was trying to tell me. I stayed calm. I said, "Please take a breath, tell me what's happening." She cried and sobbed out the words that there were firemen at her house, her stove had caught on fire, the flames were shooting out of the oven into the kitchen. She had been baking some of our family's most traditional Thanksgiving dishes when it all went wrong. The firemen put out the flames, but had to take the stove outside into her backyard. The dish was ruined by fire extinguishing, and the Thanksgiving dinner that was supposed to take place at her dining room table had to be rearranged. The firemen were incredibly kind to her. She thanked them all (ten of them!) for coming on Thanksgiving. They told her not to worry. They said, "You're just the first stove fire of the day." The stress of hearing her sob with such emotional pain was overwhelming for me. I had to find music that would calm me down. So I went to my music of choice. Lifescape Music for meditation. Ah yes, I listened to that.