Monday, January 17, 2005

Forty Dozen Eggs

Here are 40 dozen eggs.
What’s the significance of 40 dozen eggs?
Well, they comprise the full accounting of my reproductive life.
My entire adult life, as the conservative right and David Brooks see me.
Forty dozen eggs.
Each dozen represents one year of fertility. That’s it.
Seriously, according to some—this is the most important thing about me.
Do you know me from these eggs?
During the 3rd dozen, the war in Viet Nam was raging.
The 4th dozen, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were murdered.
The 5th dozen I went to Woodstock!
The 8th dozen I voted for George McGovern.
The 10th dozen, Richard Nixon resigned. This was a happy dozen.
The 12th dozen, I bought 10 acres of land in Oregon and built a cabin.
The 15th dozen, I married my first husband. I immersed myself in Kerouac and the beats.
I went to college over the next 4 dozen eggs. The re-entry student dozens.
The 16th dozen Ronald Reagan is elected. The next eight dozen weep.
These dozens go to grad school, and divorce my first husband.
The 24th dozen George HW Bush is elected.
The 25th dozen I marry Roger.
The 40th dozen posts on a blog.
By choice, by design none of these eggs produced another human.
Never a day of regret. Not one.
You get the picture?

Robin Andrea in her 52nd year.

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