Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mark Morford Wednesday

If we could write half as well as Mark Morford we wouldn't quote him so often, but it would take much longer to prepare a post. Check out his whole rant now. By Friday he'll have another and you'll have to find this one in his archives.

Look. Does America have a responsibility to the world to promote peace and democratic ideals in the world whenever possible? Hell yes. Does the world's richest and most gluttonous superpower have an obligation to intervene when absolutely necessary and help repressed peoples taste freedom and emerge from the shadow of evil dictators? You're damn right.

But not this way. Not at this cost. Not via a staggering and soul-mauling string of lies and misprision and a brutish foreign policies that only alienate and aggravate and inflame. Not through torture tactics and economic plundering and fear stratagems designed to keep the exhausted American populace from asking too many questions about this administration's real motives.

And not by way of a thuggish pre-emptive attack-first policy that goes against everything America has stood for (i.e.; defense, containment, peace) for the past 100 years.

Meanwhile, in related news, an international team of scientists and researchers announced that the world has roughly ten years before the effects of global warming become permanent and irreversible. Before the Gulf Stream is permanently weakened and massive ice shelves melt and the world is plunged more deeply in danger than we could ever imagine.

You really want to protect democracy, Dubya? Ensure its survival? You really want to have a lasting legacy, one not tainted with blood and war and humiliating claims of "mission accomplished?" Here's a tiny reminder: that $80 bil you just asked for to kill more Iraqis is 17 times higher than the EPA's entire budget. Maybe, just maybe, something is just a little off in our nation's priorities? Just, you know, a thought. Go democracy!

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