Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why Does Richard Pombo Hate America?

Richard Pombo (R) California Posted by Hello

Since the Dharma Bums started this blog, we've scoured the internets for news and ideas that readers might find interesting. In that pursuit, we've come across the name Richard Pombo more than once. So, who is Richard Pombo, and why does he have any say about what lands will become National Parks, or what is an acceptable level of mercury in your fish? Well, he's the Republican chair of the House Resources Committee, and he's never seen a piece of wilderness that needed protection, nor a coal producing power plant that didn't. On March 15th the Bush EPA is legally required to finalize its rule determining how rigorously the toxic pollutant mercury will be regulated, and Richard Pombo has cooked up some fishy science in a report titled "Mercury in Perspective: Fact and Fiction About the Debate Over Mercury."

We were going to summarize a article about the heavy metals that the republicans think is okay to have in our air and food, but decided against it. It's more important to summarize the republican position on everything:

They are not interested in you, your children, or your aging parents. They don't care if the fish you eat has mercury, if the air you breathe is full of deadly pollutants, if the water your drink is toxic. The earth is here for their exploitation, to make themselves and their friends as rich as possible, to amuse and entertain them when they are out on a photo op, and to be a receptacle for their refuse. They want your vote, and then they want you to shut the fuck up, watch the news, be afraid of terrorists and Democrats, and attend church.

Richard Pombo represents the waste-tire capitol of Tracy, California. It is the state's dumping ground for some 31 million discarded tires-- enough to form a ring half way around the earth. What does Richard Pombo care about the environment? Absolutely nothing.

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