Saturday, March 12, 2005

Deer Fencing-Plan B

Plan B Posted by Hello

This was originally plan A before a friend told us about seeing a deer proof (?) fence made from branches woven together sticking up to make a very uneven profile. having a supply of fruit tree prunings we decided to give the idea a try, adapting it to field fence. thus the
picture of the twiggy fence in our previous fence post. (aha! the unintended pun)

the support pieces sticking up in the picture above are 3/8" rebar 5' long. they are attached to the wooden posts with fence staples. they are attached to the metal posts by sliding them through the top fence clip and adding fence wire as required to hold them. the string line is nylon carpenters twine in the gaudiest color available. we depend on visual intimidation. there is about 800' of fence, roughly half with vertical twigs and branches and half with horizontal day-glo twine. the top line is about 9' high.

we'll keep you posted.


  1. Hey how did this fence work?

  2. no deer ever got in the yard. they did walk right along the outside.