Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Our Life With Birds

Since we have retired our life has been filled with birds. On our way into town this morning, a bald eagle flew directly over our car, its head was brilliantly white in the sunlight. We watched it fly toward a tree, and could see its powerful legs extend from its body as it prepared to land. A beautiful sight. We also found this op ed piece by Froma Harrop in today's Seattle Times:

"Live from Gibbon, Neb., and I mean live. Some heavenly gong that only birds can hear has sounded, and thousands of sandhill cranes are taking off from the Platte River. Anyone on the Internet can see this amazing migration in real time, thanks to National Geographic's "crane cam" (nationalgeographic.com). You have till April 17."

If you like to watch cranes, absolutely take a look.

And a friend sent this link to a site in San Francisco where a camera has been set up to record peregrine falcons.

We're thinking we should invest in a really good pair of binoculars. Anyone have any suggestions? And, has anyone tried the binoculars that have digital cameras built in?

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