Thursday, March 17, 2005

A senator for all of this?

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We live in the rural northwest. Walk a 1/4 mile to the mailbox and back. Often see rabbits on the journey. Mushrooms and wildflowers too. Sometimes when we look up we see hawks, and on the rare occasion, an eagle. If there are deer they are only in the front yard, now that the fence seems to be working.

Yesterday a heron waited by the lagoon, while the Senate voted on ANWR. I was reminded of this paragraph from Gary Snyder's Turtle Island:

I was climbing Glacier Peak in the Cascades of Washington several years ago on one of the clearest days I had ever seen. When we reached the summit of Glacier Peak we could see almost to the Selkirks in Canada. We could see south far beyond the Columbia River to Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson. And, of course, we could see Mount Adams and Mount Rainier. We could see across Puget Sound to the ranges of the Olympic Mountains. My companion, who is a poet, said: "You mean, there is a senator for all of this?

Well, apparently not enough.

Although there are enough senators to represent the interests of oil, banks, and pharmaceuticals.

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