Saturday, April 09, 2005

Larry Scott Memorial Trail




we came upon these wonderfully whimsical bike sculptures walking on the Larry Scott Memorial trail in Port Townsend. Larry Scott was one of the original Church of the Rear Derailleur High Priests and helped start the Peninsula Trails Coalition. the trail begins, or ends if you come from the other end, at the boat harbor and runs along port townsend bay for a mile or so on an old railroad right of way along port townsend bay toward the paper plant. we see seagulls and spotted sandpipers (actitis macularia) and dunlins (calidris alpina) on the bay side of the trail, as well as smaller birds such as white-crested sparrows (oops--that should be white-crowned sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys---thank you grrlscientist). for a third of that distance on the land side there is what was originally a tidal marsh. it is now a freshwater marsh full of cattails with some open water where we see ducks (scaups, teals, mergansers, buffleheads) and great blue herons (ardea herodias). red-winged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus) like the cattails too. the remainder of the trail as it borders the bay is at the base of sandstone bluffs about 100 feet high. there are owl burrows near the top and we often see bald eagles soaring high above or on their favorite perch in a fir tree on the crest of the bluffs. the trail it turns inland by the paper plant for another mile or so through forest. we find little treasures like coyote scat full of hair and bones, and early flowers.

we noticed a similar sculpture on the highway with a sign pointing to a bike shop and found the source of the sculptures.


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