Friday, April 22, 2005

Washington- Blue and Green and full of shame

One of the reasons that the bums love living in Washington is because it is a blue state. Very hip, cool, and progressive. It is also a green state. Seattle is going to have some very interesting "green" buildings. Environmentally sound and safe structures. This is such good news. We're so happy, except that the state of Washington also just voted down a gay rights measure. What this means is that state thinks that some of the people in these new innovative buildings don't deserve their civil rights protected. How sound and safe is that?
We already have Mac computers. What more can we do? What's with Microsoft meeting with the church leaders? Do they consult with church leaders on other pressing, legislative issues? Or do they reserve their bigotry for the gay community?
We echo the calls from other blogs. We have chosen our side. Let the fight begin.

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