Monday, May 30, 2005

Bill of Particulars

Is there a case for impeachment?

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the audio portion of our program is a group called "city folk" doing their version of jackson browne's "i am a patriot."

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if bill clinton was impeached for lying about consensual sex with an adult, what do you think about george bush lying about the reasons and his intentions for taking our country into an undeclared, unprovoked war? a war that has cost us over 1600 armed services deaths, over 8,000 casualties, up to 100,000 iraqi civilian deaths, and cost more than 300 billion dollars. what do you think about major tax cuts, benefitting mainly the rich, during war? how about 8 billion dollars unaccounted for in war spending? how about that farm bill that paid big bucks to big business and began the bigtime deficit spending? how about cuts to veterans benefits and medical service? how about that secret energy task force meeting led by cheney? how about the commander-in-chief attending ZERO funerals for our fallen soldiers? how about bush's air national guard service? how about that torture?

check out After Downing Street and Big Brass Alliance.

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