Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kitty Fugue

Sad Bonsai
Readers of our blog know that we have a cat with neurological problems. He stumbles, trips, rolls, and falls when he is running and playing. He has grand mal seizures when he sleeps. But he is also a charming, shy beauty with a sweet and canterkous personality. He is the quintessential kitty cat. We had forgotten one aspect of Bonsai's nature--how he responds to houseguests. So over the past few days we've been reminded that our kitty cat probably needs anti-depressants. Poor Bonsai, the minute he hears a stranger's voice in the house, he hides. Usually he hides under the bed in the guest bedroom, but when guests are staying there in "his" room, he finds other dark and inaccessible spots. He can be found behind the couch in the office, or he hides in our closet. During this visit with our latest guests, Bonsai has adopted our closet. He won't budge. He won't even come out to eat. When he does get up to walk around he moves like he is catatonic; his motor skills are even worse than usual. I've brought his food and water into the closet. Am I co-dependent? Enabling his dysfunction? Maybe I should insist that he come out and "get over it." I just can't. Poor Bonsai.

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