Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Let's Divide The Country

Would it be terribly wrong to just divide the country?

Here's the country the republicans want:

No taxes
Privatized retirement accounts
Theocratic laws
Faith-based healing
No abortions
No gay people (forget gay marriage all together)
No people of different faiths
No people of color
Intelligent design taught in the schools
Corporate ownership of everything
Privacy rules
Environmental destruction

I say let them have it. I don't want to live in their country.

Here's the country I want to live in:

Universal, comprehensive, single payer national health care (thanks Cervantes)
Social Security
Taxes (progressive and fair)
Gay Marriage
Stem cell research
Diversity in race and faith
Evolution taught in the schools
Representative government
Honest elections
Environmental protection

It seems hopeless that one undivided country will emerge from the ruins of the republican reign of terror. I suspect we will always be divided. So, the question is-- how can the country be divided geographically in two? Where would you draw the boundaries? And what would you add to your country's wish list?

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