Thursday, May 12, 2005

Non-Native Non-Invasive Species




we lived in santa cruz for 8 years in a house with 3 large redwood (sequoia sempervirens) trees in the back yard. redwood seedlings sprang up in pots with other plants and in the garden in odd places. in the front yard often as not. i put several of them in pots with some vague idea of keeping them in bonsai fashion. they have been in pots for 6 years or more with no more attention than water and have moved with us twice, the latest time our big move to washington state. they have lived here for almost a year. we decided to plant the largest three permanently. i found a place on the north side of the property close to some cascara (cascara sagrada) because i knew from living in northern california that redwoods and cascara often grow together.

i know that the poor skinny things don't just jump out at ya in the pictures. each is just about centered in its frame. they are about 10 feet from a driveway. the fir trees just behind them are 15-20 feet tall and to the west. maybe they will thrive and take over the quimper peninsula in 500 years or so. or not.

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