Friday, May 27, 2005

Tanks a Lot

it arrives

in place

ok. you've seen the collector. you've seen the leaking hot tub. now we are ready for rain in a big way. this green monster holds 2800 gallons! i was lucky enough to catch the installer guy at the office where i bought the tank so he loaded it onto the rented trailer with a fork lift. i backed it up to the prepared location, dropped the rear of the tilt bed, and our guests helped muscle it into its final resting place. the whole operation, including trailer rental and return, took less than two hours. i transferred the contents of the hot tub to it by running a hose from the tub to the collector and letting the pump do its thing. two or three hundred gallons barely fills the green monster to the level of the outlet. we have enjoyed clear skies and hot days for almost a week, but this is the wet northwest after all so more rain is guaranteed. it says so right here in the user's manual.

don't try this in colorado. rainwater collection is verboten because you would be interupting someone's "downstream" water rights. wow.

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