Friday, May 06, 2005

We're sick of John Kerry

Okay, we admit it. We're sick to death of John Kerry. We want him to shut up and go away. Just be the junior senator from Massachusetts and stop sending us emails and letters. We never hear from Ted Kennedy. We never hear from any other senators, just John Kerry.
Today we received an Action Alert letter in the mail from Friends of John Kerry. In it it says that we must come together because the Republicans are crossing lines that should never be crossed.
Yes, John, it's true. They are, and if you would stop running for President for just five minutes and do the people's work, you might actually accomplish something.
And thanks for turning your back on the lesbians and gays in our country. Whatever glimmer of support you had from us has been utterly extinguished.
DPR says, "Go away, loser."

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