Thursday, June 16, 2005

Chez Bums Update

rainwater in the tank

the little arrow is a photoshop artifact added to point to the water level in the clear plastic tubing, which is open to the tank at bottom and top and should therefore be at same level as the water in the tank. you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it before you can discern the water level. one of the black plastic pipes is the feed from the pump and the other is the overflow. the tank holds 2800 gallons when full and looks to me to be maybe 3/4 full so we have about 2000 gallons of rainwater ready to use. it rained lightly last night. today, june 15, is sunny and moderate. the garden is well mulched everywhere so i've got several days to get the dispersal system up and running.

update to the update: data i should have gotten before i posted.

our annual rainfall is about 20 inches. there has been about .72 inches of rain since we installed the big green tank. i use the qualifier "about" because these figures are for port townsend, about 6 miles away and weather here is VERY local. what's that you say? get a rain gauge? yes, that is a good idea. weather science.

working backwards with the data we have: 1 inch of rainfall on 1000 sq feet of collection area yields 600 gallons. we have 3000 sq feet so 1 inch yields 1800 gallons. 2000 gallons is therefore the result of 1.1 inches of rainfall!

blue potato blue flower

we planted blue potatoes. we did not know that the flowers are also blue.

swallowtail on coreopsis

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