Tuesday, June 14, 2005

On Civility, A Modest Proposal

intentionally mixing allusions in the title of this post, i want to comment on recent intramural spats on the left. several bloggers, thersites in metacomments, a while back, and pz myers at pharyngula, recently, (i am sorry i can't find the relevant posts at either place, but check them out if you haven't already. i recommend both) have suggested that we lefties are losers when we respond civilly to political jerks on the right and ID idiots. i am all for it. i am not for incivility to our own however.

Howard Dean, chairman of the democratic party, recently made some strong statements about republicans. Senator Biden undertook to clarify those statements and was a bit less than supportive of the chairman, in stark contrast to statements by raging asshole cryptotheofascist dobson's comments about republican senators caving in to democrats on judicial appointments. see now, i used Senator Biden's title of office and spoke moderately about his statements and took the opportunity to insult a jerk on the right. (there, i did it again!)

here on the internets Mr Markos recently ran an ad i consider to be in dubious taste. my comment to him would be/is "Mr Markos. you are running an ad that many men and women will find demeaning to women. i realize that not all your readers will find it so or even notice it, but i do think that the left, roughly speaking, should be supportive of equal rights and dignity for all and i urge your consideration on this matter. your blog is a source of information and inspirition for many and a place of vigorous debate. the righty blogs are full of hate-filled venom and lockstep agreement with sexist, racist, anti-immigrant, corporate toadying crap, some of which emanates from that drug addled lying sack of shit rush limbaugh. truly a big fat idiot, thank you al franken." there i go again, respectfully asking markos to consider the big picture, plugging al franken, and insulting both freepers and limbaugh. a twofer. this is fun. give it a try.

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