Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Our First Year


this monster truck cruised along as fast as we wanted--55 mph--on the flat. there are several hills between santa cruz and port townsend. on some we could maintain 12 mph. on the steeper hills we crept up at 8 mph. no air conditioning. so old it had only seat belts, no shoulder harness. no radio. not to complain though. we arrived safely.

today is the one year anniversary of our arrival here in the great northwest in this big truck loaded with everything and towing my pickup truck on a trailer. RD's twin brother and his wife drove our car and cared for the cat. we have been happily busy here with gardening, fencing, walking, and discovering the wildlife of the area.

we had dinner from our garden and a fine bottle of wine: a gift from friends from seattle we met on the train when we came up from santa cruz to shop for a house. below is a picture of today's dinner harvest. there is basil hiding underneath the carrots, peas, yellow squash, and broccoli.

the recipe: cut tofu into small cubes, marinate it in hot pepper sesame oil, pop it into a hot wok with peanut oil. add garlic and dried hot peppers. yes, we like spicy food. let the tofu get a bit crisp on the surface. add carrots and peanuts. cook some more. add the rest of the vegetables. cook more. add fresh beet greens and cook till the greens are wilted. serve garnished with roasted sesame seeds and chopped basil. some rice is good.

mmmmm dinner

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