Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why We Are A Second Rate Country

The NY Times lead editorial today says,

Instead of bashing China, Congress and the Bush administration should be putting money into bolstering retraining programs to help American workers whose jobs migrate overseas. American school systems, American parents and American students are going to have to focus on the fact that young people with mediocre educations are not going to be able to compete with energetic, educated young people in places like China.

Yes, but even a "C" student can become president. Why should American children try harder? Their President tells them it is not important. Consider this moment with the Bush and the Secretary of Energy:

BUSH: I appreciate the Secretary of Energy joining me today. He's a good man, he knows a lot about the subject, you'll be pleased to hear. I was teasing him -- he taught at MIT, and -- do you have a PhD?
BUSH: Yes, a PhD. Now I want you to pay careful attention to this -- he's the PhD, and I'm the C student, but notice who is the advisor and who is the President.
Lusby, Maryland, Jun. 22, 2005

Any wonder why we are in decline and falling fast? Why shouldn't we celebrate mediocrity? Our President does.

A parting comment about Bush from my mom who is flying back to California today:
"You know there was a movie called Dumb and Dumber. He could have played both parts."

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