Thursday, June 23, 2005

You Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

the bums turned out to be old and cranky and stressed out about lacking the patience that a young dog requires. we were extremely solicitous to a very nice dog for a night's stay. what does he know, he's a dog. he was happy to be back with his dog pals at the house where he's been. it was a trial deal and everyone is happy. what do we know. damn little and less by the day but we found out that we are no longer dog people. it has been many years since either of us has had a dog and we forgot how much more patient attention is required for a dog than a cat. oh yeah, the cat. he already had an attitiude because RD's mom is visiting and he barely tolerates us. the dog was several steps over the line.

we dropped off the dog, and he never looked back. we went out for lunch, and took a nice walk along the water. pictures at eleven.

the cat might be thinking about forgiving us. he came out of his sanctuary in the closet, checked out the house and went outside. maybe he'll bring us a mouse, if we wash our hands and get that dog smell off.

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