Saturday, July 02, 2005

July Tomato Report

july tomato

i had to step back and use a different perspective than that of the two previous reports. it has been a cool, cloudy and sometimes wet spring and early summer in the northwest so the greenhouse is our hope for tomatoes at a reasonable time. there are 3 plants to the left of the post that we started from seed, and pictured in the previous reports. the plant to the right of the post we bought as a start. all of them have set fruit. that's basil on the left. we have deliberately planted tomatoes growing in 4 outside locations and volunteers in one place outside and also in the greenhouse. the outsiders are all seed starts and some are almost a foot tall. we planted an artichoke where we had been burying kitchen compost and one of the volunteer tomatoes is there, as well as some sort of squash that we are guessing (hoping) is butternut.

creole tomato

the two plants in the foreground are creole tomatoes started from seed sent to us by a friend in louisiana. we also have some outside plants. in the backround are onions and then 4 pepper plants from seeds from an organic red bell.

update for c. corax. and everyone.

july garden--taken from the top of a ladder by the intrepid pirate. as always, click on the image to get the big picture.

all of the areas mulched in hay are planted.

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