Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pond Changes

i recently decided to change the layout of the pond/waterfall that came with our property here. i was inspired by wayne and glenn at niches (scroll down to their july 1 post titled "ponds."), who posted a very informative piece of their multi-pond system which uses biological filtering to maintain water clarity and general water quality.

here is a picture of the waterfall we started with. there is a small basin at the top which is good for growing algae.

here is a picture of the waterfall uncovered.

here is the new waterfall with a small pond above the large pond with aquatic plants which will soak up fish excreta and provide more oxygen. more plants are planned.

and finally, an aerial photo of the new double pond configuration. ok, i stood on a ladder. the large pond is about 800 gallons, the small pond about 75 gallons.

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