Monday, July 11, 2005

Time Well Spent

we returned the scanner-which-shall-not-be-named (see previous post). took a flyer on an epson 2580. actually we read a bunch of reviews and had the advice of others (see previous post). the software took a while to load. 5 minutes! i have a tight schedule!

well anyway. we have scanned pictures and slides and all is well. if the quality of the pictures scanned is materially better than those done on our old scanner, which only worked with the ancient pc, i can't tell. the new one does, however, work with our mac laptops. and as blogger now uploads pictures from a mac we don't have to transfer our camera pics to the ancient pc and use picassa/hello to do so. also, as the pictures below demonstrate, the new machine scans slides and does it well.

my youngest oldest child. capitola ca, 1971 doh!

hexagonal dome built by elves at cold comfort farm, fortuna, ca. 1973

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