Friday, July 29, 2005

The War Ends Without Peace

Glad to know that the war is over. We're moving in great strides on to the struggle against global extremism. It doesn't have quite the right snappy cadence, but oh the war is over.
One good thing to come of this momentous occasion is that the normal deference paid to a war time president can now cease. I don't think global struggle provides a cover the way a war does. What will the wingers do with this dissonance? The war is over, did we win?
The pirate and I were surprised to see the war end so soon (forgetting momentarily the 2006 congressional races). The president hadn't even given us an opportunity to do our bed-in for peace, and the pirate has been growing his hair for the occasion. Oh well. Maybe we'll invade Iran and all won't be lost.

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