Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cat Report

our cat bonsai developed some matted chunks of hair on his back. we (i, the pirate) tried cutting them off. bonsai objected. strongly. we hoped they would grow out and go away. our hopes were dashed. we booked an appointment at the local vet. it's a good idea to get a checkup every so often, for both cats and humans. we go at least once every five years; bonsai was last checked by a vet at least two years ago and we have moved, so it was time for him to get a looksee and a trim. we thought that the vet might have to sedate him to trim him. the vet, a very nice woman, examined him and pronounced him fit. she also told us that it is common for maine coon cats, like bonsai, to get fur mats on their backs, relieving us of worry about imagined exotic diseases. she said that they could trim him right away if we could wait twenty minutes.

we went to the store and got kibble for the cat a fine bottle of wine for us---a reward for our good behavior taking care of the cat. when we returned to the vet's office the cat was ready. trimmed and undoped. "oh, he was no trouble at all," we were informed.

so here is bonsai sporting the newest maine coon stylin'. he went from dreadlocks to punk crewcut.


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