Saturday, August 20, 2005

Decades Full of Dreams

I thought a long time about posting this series of photos and haikus. I put this together over a month ago, then the mood to post it passed. I was growing tired of being Rexroth's Daughter, and wanted to introduce myself as I am. My name is Robin, but I am not sure it really matters.
I am one of four kids. The earliest photos only show the youngest three. My older brother is 3 1/2 years older, so he didn't hang around with us when we were little and too boring to be his friends. Later, when we were all in our teens, we started to smoke pot together and those were the days that cemented our familial connections. Even now when we laugh, we can all flash back to the same moment. The four of us living together was like life on a very wild commune. Our parents thought we were mad. We were.
I think the photo that may require the most explanation is the one of me when I was 14. Behind me is a table full of relatives. My parents had thrown a party for my uncle's in-laws who had flown to New Jersey from California. Everyone is sitting in chairs, except for me. I am striking a very odd pose, and I know that I was influenced by the news of the times, the era, The Beatles (Relax your mind and float down stream). Shortly after that photo was taken, I parted my hair down the middle, grew it down to my waist, ironed it straight, painted flowers on my legs, and plastered peace signs on everything. Those were the 60s. Later, when I was building a cabin in southern Oregon in 1974, my parents came up to hammer in a few nails with us. That's my father in the picture. And that photo of the smiling group of long-haired folks in 1975 is of my siblings and me.
This is my life as I remember it.

1953 1 year old

boy girl twins emerge
each a lonely half of two
connected always

1959 7 years old

this trio of love
grounds my sense of place on earth

1966 14 years old

buddhist monk headlines
tells of self-immolation
sacrifice for peace

1971 19 years old

lover looks at me
sees beauty where I did not
shy heart awakens

1974 22 years old

back to land movement
buy ten acres, build cabin
bake pies, coleman stove

1975 23 years old

heart's excavation
finds deep in cells, blood, and bone
our shared history

1985 33 years old

lose love and falter
seek solace, find Darwin and
fossil ecstacy

1995 43 years old

love comes thundering
two broken hearts try again
perfect confluence

2005 53 years old

crone's age upon me
hope to be fearless at death
so, wink at future

2015 63 years old
 ten years older now
and not the least bit wiser
dancing in the trees


  1. I often go wandering along the winding world wide web looking for magical places to visit and admire and your blog is certainly one of them! Thank you for sharing your peace with the rest of us, and your photography and beautiful home.

  2. Hi Robin...just discovered this short history of you...lovely! and extremely well done. I must try it someday, but not sure I can be so haiku-ish. Also discovered I'm a year older than you (have always felt you are so much wiser..thus older...) huh!

  3. I know you wrote this some time ago, but I just discovered your blog today. (I laughed at your comment about Arkansas Patti's resolution and wanted to look you up!)
    Your blog is interesting and your post here is lovely. I too have a twin brother and a sister a year younger--and one 3 1/2 years older. We had a great time together and still do, all retired now and able to see each other more often. Your photos and haikus inspire me--I write a nature blog but am thinking of adding a family one.

  4. Foals must learn to leap
    Dried up earth it hurts our feet
    And so I thank you.

  5. Will you write more? I so enjoyed the journey your page. The photo progression was like a timeline of my own life. Please post more. It's good for the heart.

  6. you are so beautiful. Your hair! So are your siblings. Just now wandered on to your blog; I'll be sticking around. Very nice. thank you for sharing

  7. Just found your blog with Roger -- looks interesting.

  8. Hello Robin...I'm a friend of John Swinburn on Facebook. I've recently been reading his blog, and commenting, saw your comments as well, and wandered over to your page. Really liked your short auto biography. I too am from the bay area...grew up there at the same time as you. Certainly can relate! Will continue reading here, as I find you and your stories to be very interesting!

  9. You weathered well but your a year younger than me so rock on. Loved your little story I must try it myself.

  10. Hi Robin Andrea, I recently created a collage of a hummingbird & then found your "Seeds burst..." haiku online. I would like to pair my art with your poem in a card, not for sale but to send to friends. Would that be okay with you? I could send you a copy email and/or snail mail. -Lynne,

  11. I hope we can friends. I suppose you were born in ‘so I’m your senior by three years (having been born way back in the first half of the 20th century—that always made me feel so ever so mature compared to my buddies who didn’t come along until the second half of the century).

    I enjoyed your photos. It seems that you life has contained more intimacy than mine. Still, I’ve managed to stay married for 44-years to a good woman. We do did the “back to the land” thing in Mississippi, where we’re from, but I found it lonely so we moved to Eugene, Oregon, in ’86, and we’re still here many adventures later. In fact, we’ve lived in the same house since 1990, and can’t even imagine moving again because we’ve put so much of ourselves into this place. I have to leave Mississippi to discover that I’m the kind of person who’s rooted to the land, and I don’ just mean my private acreage, but rather the natural environment. The downside of this is that all these years later, I still feel uprooted, so I can’t even begin to imagine moving so much as you.

    From what little I know of you, I would guess that the following is true: that you’re an extrovert, that you're well-grounded within yourself, that you draw people to you (maybe you're even charismatic to some degree), and that you’re kind and ethical.

  12. Love reding the history of you, Robin Andrea. You are so beautiful!
    Lovely the photo of 1953 1 year old.
    I am twin too, my twin sister is named Vera and we are very close.
    You have a beautiful family!

  13. I just took the trip with you, beautiful, thanks for the voyage.