Thursday, September 22, 2005


this is a picture of the coast starlight headed north, with klamath lake in the background.

friday am the bums catch the coast starlight headed south at tacoma. we'll be in simi valley saturday evening, to be picked up by RD's sister, in whose house we'll spend the night. sis has dsl. we'll report on our excellent train trip and have some photos. seasoned travelers call this train the coast starlate, so the post may not be up till sunday morn. we are traveling well thanks to our amtrak credit card. no, we didn't charge it. we've been accumulating points for two years, like frequent flier miles, only for train miles. we'll be in our sleeping berths in our bedroom when we pass klamath lake headed south, lulled to sleep by the clickety-clack of the orient express on our way to istanbul........oops, i'm dreaming already.

sunday sis will drive us to laguna hills to her and RD's mom's place where we will celebrate mom's 80th birthday. tuesday we drive a rented car to carmel valley to stay the night with friends. wednesday we go to santa cruz where we'll see my mom, my sis and her hubby, and friends. we'll be staying with RD's twin brother and his wife. more dsl. friday night is bonus night as my daughter from eureka will be in santa cruz and my daughter from san francisco will come down for the night. big family dinner. us, daughters (one with husband, one with friend), mom, sis and her hubby, a nephew and his girlfriend too. maybe the BIL and SIL.

saturday evening we board the coast starlight in san jose for the trip home. we might be having breakfast as we pass klamath lake.

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