Monday, September 19, 2005

The Birds

you must click on these pictures to really see the action. the yard was a swirl of cedar waxwings and the pond was the center of activity. the blurry blobs are birds. many more are in the shrubs and trees surrounding the pond.

yes. the black plastic is not so visually attractive. i redid the upper pond and waterfall (third time. a charm?) and have not yet arranged rocks to cover the plastic. the waterfall works quite well and there seem to be no leaks. in arranging the previous incarnation i punctured the plastic sliding the heavy flat rock that is the bird bathing place and waterfall. the leaking water softened the ground and allowed the structure to tilt a bit. i had to drain the upper pond, remove all the rocks, and take out the plastic. i patched the holes with wetpatch and let it dry completely.

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