Friday, September 02, 2005

BOBCAT!: When Reality Demands Attention

We've had our attention focused on lands very far from our small patch of yard these past few days. This evening after we let Bonsai out, he didn't stray far from the back door. DPR and I were having dinner and talking about the state of the world, when Bonnie-boy made a sound like he wanted to come back in. When I opened the screen door, he didn't make a move to come in but stared into the yard. I looked where he was staring and there was a huge bobcat not more than a hundred feet from our door. Thirty feet on the other side of the pond. I couldn't believe it was that close. I grabbed Bonnie, who decided he should be coy at the moment, and tossed him into the house. DPR had already grabbed the camera, but the bobcat was moving pretty furtively and hiding behind some of the tall grasses. We think he figured out how to get under the fence because by the time DPR handed me the camera, the bobcat was outside. I saw it walking along the fence and clicked two shots. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, I kicked some rocks off the steps, and it really scared our visitor. I was able to click one more shot, but most of its body was concealed by the tree. I think you get a sense of what we were looking at though.

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