Sunday, September 11, 2005

Garden Update

fall is here in the great northwest. the days are shorter and more importantly for the garden the temperature has dropped, it rains a bit, and there are gray days and partly sunny days. the combination has enabled mold to take hold on the zuccini and yellow crookneck squash. the outside tomatoes are ripening, but may not make it all the way to real redness. we do have some pear tomatoes ripe. yummy. sweet. i planted too many carrots. i have two plantings and each has 15 to 20 pounds of large carrots. i'm going to freeze some, though they are probably too big. we will pickle some. the beets are ready for pickling next week. there are mid-summer plantings of bush beans and pole beans flowering now. they may produce beans before the weather kills them. we're learning about gardening here.

it rains enough to provoke mold on the zuccini and yellow crookneck squash, but not enough to really water the plants.

i planted yellow pear cherry tomatoes this year. a bit late developing outdoors, as are all the tomatoes.

beets aplenty for pickling. and delicious fresh greens. we just trimmed all the dead vines out of the raspberries in the backround.

these grapevines were here when we bought the place but had never produced grapes because the deer ate them. now we have a fence. now we have grapes.

one of the carrot plantings is in the exreme bottom left. right in the middle are butternut squash vines. you can see some squash. to the left of the marigolds, which are left of the squash, are the other carrots. the darker green stuff behind the squash (leftish) is kale, which should grow all winter. next to it is spinach. we've been eating it for 3 weeks and if we pinch off any flowers it may last into winter. behind that are raspberries on the left, corn with many small ears still left to eat, and on the far right a trellis with pole beans. the beans are flowering and may produce actual beans.


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