Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gore Behind the Scenes

Last Saturday my sister called to tell me she heard on CNN that Al Gore had personally and financially helped airlift evacuees out of New Orleans and had them brought to Tennessee. I was thrilled with the news, and wanted to post about it, but couldn't find any corroborating evidence for the story. I googled searched every combination of Al Gore American Airlines evacuees hurricane katrina, I could come up with. No luck. No story. I knew my sister had heard correctly, but perhaps CNN was merely reporting a plan that Al Gore had put forth, but it really hadn't come to fruition.
He helped in the evacuation of two planeloads of survivors.
The link to the story was up on CNN yesterday.
My question: Why did it take so long for the story to make headlines? It's a week old.
Even if Al Gore didn't want to be interviewed for the story, does that really mean there was no story?
Just asking.
BTW-- We're Al Gore fans who would be delighted to see him return to the political arena.

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