Sunday, September 04, 2005

The September Tomato Report

so here we are at the designated end, i think, of the great tomato contest. we have eaten many tomatoes. well, more than three or four anyway. we have learned that last summer was perhaps atypical in terms of sustained heat. this year has been cooler and wetter. we have tomatoes coming on, but, alas, not many ripe yet. the greenhouse has saved us and the most prolific plant so far has been a volunteer cherry tomato. some of this year's plants, for some reason, have produced more foliage than fruit, although one has at last a fine set of greenies.

our outside plants are likewise full of green fruit, some starting to turn yellow or orange. we have creole tomatoes from a friend in new orleans (whose house and family survived) that are coming on strong, but not yet ripe. so here are some pix........

this is a volunteer growing from where we buried kitchen compost. looks to be a kind of heritage type from fruit from a volunteer in the greenhouse last year, which had to come from the previous owner's crop. we just yesterday noticed a volunteer avocado here, from the compost.

this is last night's dinner input from the garden. eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, and basil. we didn't eat the flower.

our entry for "most sensual." the mood is established by the hand, don't you think?

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