Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sleight of Mind

We coulda been rich!
I swear, if only we didn't have any scruples, ethics, honesty, or a conscience. Damn if we were just republicans, we could stick our sticky fingers into the till and be rejoicing over the hurricane gift that God just gave us. We could be planning how to make our friends richer. We could be buying votes with the people's money. We could be taking off our jackets and rolling up our sleeves. There's a lot of hard work here, figuring out to make the public forget everything that's happened. Make the public forget everything just happened. Forgetting. Forgetting.
You are getting sleepy.
You are getting very sleepy.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
Very heavy.
When you hear the words Katrina or New Orleans, you will remember all the good things the President has done. You will remember how he sent in help right on time. You will remember his strength, conviction, his compassionate concern for the victims. You will love the President.
You will love Karl Rove. You have never heard the name Valerie Plame. There is no Plamegate. There was never a Downing Street Memo. We are winning the war on terror. All is right with America. When I count to three you will wake up feeling completely refreshed. Okay?
One, you're starting to feel awake.
Two, you're almost back.
God, how I love that man.

Sorry. I'm losing my mind. It's obvious I need some serious help. Karl Rove is in charge of rebuilding New Orleans. WTF? Shouldn't that man be in jail already?

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