Monday, October 10, 2005

Fall Light

i went out to take pictures for a garden update and got this picture of spent cornstalks lit by the low slanting light of sunset. the sky in the background is typical of the last two weeks. gray and dark clouds. damp without real rain. peeks of sunlight at sunrise and sunset. daytime highs of 55 degrees (or less). night temps at 45 degrees. not yet winter but the end of summer crops. we will be starting broccoli and other cabbage types inside today, to be planted out in the tunnel cloche not yet built. it is a bit late for this so we classify our efforts as science--an experiment! the full garden report will wait for a few days.

here is one example of a tunnel cloche. we will be using field fencing with 6 inch square openings instead of plastic pipe to form the hoops over which to drape clear plastic. here is another. scroll down to see "Plastic Covered Cold Frame Made with Concrete Reinforcing Mesh." this is very close to our design.

RD was out early taking pictures. i was still asleep. below is sunrise looking east over the veggie garden.

this is the morning light looking southwest. today's direct sun ended shortly after the picture was taken.

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