Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey, I'm Walking Here!

and i'm taking pictures. as always, click the pic to see the big version.

RD and i like to walk. while new places are fun to discover, we also enjoy watching a familiar place change through the seasons, and through the years. one of our favorite walks starts at the Port Townsend Shipyard. we walk here often.

this is looking south from the boatyard along the Larry Scott Trail, built on the remains of a railroad right of way. the industrial giant in the distance is the Port Townsend Paper Company, built in 1927 and the town's largest employer. it looms large in the photo but in actual context is smaller in the expanse of water, forest and sky. port townsend bay is to the left. to the right there is a marsh for about a quarter of the mile or so to the paper plant, the rest of the way being sandstone bluffs. the trail turns inland just before the paper plant and runs another mile to the highway through a forest. we have taken a lot of pictures while walking here, and posted some. from sand dollars to eagles. lots of plant life too.

now we are looking back at the boatyard and the city of Port Townsend.

some fairly large steel hulled boats.

there are wooden boats here too.

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