Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bad Start

this is not really the fault of the seed. perhaps it is a bit late in the season to be starting collard greens. these were under a plastic cover. kinda like a mini greenhouse. i was all jazzed about this winter garden thing, even knowing i was a bit late, when the temp outside got up to 60 degrees or more and the sun shone 3 days a week. all of three weeks ago. now it is 48 outside all day and we get a bit more than 3 hours of sun a week. this little starting mini greenhouse is in the kitchen window facing west. yesterday we noticed little balls of fuzz under the cover. oops. the chard and broccoli seedlings are just as puny and spindly but have no mold. we're leaving the cover off now. at this rate the starts won't be ready to transplant til spring; not what i had in mind.

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