Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blog This

it started with comments. they said it wouldn't lead to anything. there was atrios sayin' "c'mon kid, the first one's free. make up a handle, no one know's who's who." so i did, i commented, i liked it, i made up a handle, and now i'm in it bigtime: commenting like a drunken sailor, (okay, maybe a drunken hippie) in lefty blogs, posting my own shit on my own (okay, 1/2 my own) blog, and ignoring my partial participation in another blog. the lure of seeing my own textual creations on the glowing screen has o'ertaken my senses. i type it. blogger logs and records it, making it available to the multitudes. i can call it up to appear before me as it does appear before MILLIONS of, well, two or three, other eyes.

i read that aol and microsoft are cooperating with the chinese government, that they are allowing government censorship in return for access. am i censored in china? if i am, is that good or bad? listen, i tried this translation thing with chinese. it did not go well at all.

the first paragraph of this post in chinese-trad, from babelfish: atrios sayin ' "c'mon , , " , , , , bigtime: , (, ) blogs, shit (, 1/2 ) blog, blog. o'ertaken blogger , , , ,

too bad, my chinese fans, unless you have a better translator or understand english. how about something closer to english? here is the first paragraph translated by babelfish into spanish, then back to english:

spanish: comenzó con comentarios que dijeron que no conduciría cualquier cosa allí era cabrito del c'mon del sayin de los atrios ' ", el primer su libre hace para arriba una manija, nadie sabía quién tiene quién." tan, comenté, tuve gusto de él, compuse una manija, y ahora soy en ella bigtime: comentando como un marinero borracho, (aceptable, quizá hippie borracho) en los blogs del zurdo, fijando mi propia mierda respecto mis el propios (aceptable, el 1/2 mis el propios) el blog, y no haciendo caso de mi participación parcial en otro blog. que el señuelo de considerar mis propias creaciones textuales en la pantalla que brilla intensamente tiene o'ertaken mis sentidos. le mecanografío registros y expedientes del blogger él, poniéndolo a disposición las multiplicidades. puedo llamarlo hasta aparezco antes de que yo como aparece antes de MILLONES de, bien, de dos o de tres, otros ojos.

back to english: it began with commentaries that said that it would not lead any thing there was cabrito of c'mon of sayin of the vestibules ' ", first the their free one does above for a handle, nobody knew who has who." so, I commented, I had taste of him, I composed a handle, and now I am in her bigtime: commenting like a drunk sailor, (acceptable, hippie perhaps drunk) in blogs of the left-handed person, fixing my own excrement respect my own (acceptable, the 1/2 my the own ones) blog, and paying attention to my partial participation in another one blog. that the decoy to consider my own textual creations in the screen that shines intensely has does not óertaken my senses. I type registries and files to him of blogger he, putting it to disposition the multiplicities I can call it until I appear before I eat appears before MILLION of, or, of two or three, other eyes.

i'm guessing that the spanish is not quite as mangled as the translation back to english, but still, this is not encouraging. i think that potential spanish readers had best be fluent in english to get what little i have to offer.

so you can see that the internet is good for confusion, at least.

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