Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Day As We Lived It

We finally had a clearing, the fog lifted so we could see the sun rise on Thanksgiving morning. We were absolutely grateful for that. It was delicious to see the sky. Even to see the clouds beyond the ground-hugging fog was an invitation to let our minds wander further than a few feet.

We explored the newest "I and the Bird" and found a link to WoodSong and saw photographs of birds that utterly blew us away. Cindy Mead's photography is simply inspirational, and we recommend that you go over and take a look at her staggering artistry. I'll admit that her work inspired me to try photographing birds on the branches in our trees.

It does make for a more interesting composition, and it gives me something to aspire to and work for.

Fortunately we had some fine visitors to our yard today, which gave us a lot to work with. We think this hawk may be a Sharp-shinned, only because the tail feathers are so so different from the Cooper's Hawk, which we often see in our yard. This hawk was not very big, and the tail really squared off in a way that looked very Sharp-shinned.

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, I saw the hawk while I grated zucchini for our feast. I made an east Indian meal, and we watched the sunset while we had dinner. The fog was blowing along the horizon, but we had had a day of birds, light, and shadow. We were so thankful.

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