Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cold Northwest Days

Looking west towards the Olympic Mountain range
Wednesday's sunset was beautiful. In fact I was going to do a post called The Sky, Every Five Minutes. I couldn't put the camera away. Everywhere I turned it was a stunning display of light, clouds and sky.
Taken from exactly where the greenhouse stood, looking north

But then the sky grew dark, night fell, and the sun rose on a rainy windy Thursday morning. I wanted to get out and see if I could find the eagles. I went to the bay entirely under-dressed for the wind and cold.
Wind-chopped waves in Port Townsend Bay
The usually calm bay roiled and rolled behind me.
Shades of northwest gray looking towards the Paper Mill
I came looking for the eagles. It is their season, but I felt nearly as pulled to them as they are to each other.
They were circling and circling when I first saw them.
They arrived together, but one hovered patiently while the other settled in
They were there, but I couldn't stay long, just enough to take a few photos before I headed back to the pirate and our warm house.

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