Saturday, December 03, 2005

Garden Update, December

this snow will melt. we will get rain. last year the pond had two inches of ice, tho we didn't have much snow. there are onions and leeks in the first green patch, then kale and then spinach. we also have carrots under a bit of snow, and pulled one for dinner tonight.

the cloche in sunlight, carrots to its right.

inside the tunnel cloche. the little white arrows (click on the image to enlarge) point to beet seedlings!! the black snake is a soaker for watering. there may be carrot seedlings six feet in.

inside the house there are cherry tomatoes forming.

these are the starts, various greens and cabbages, intended for the far end of the tunnel cloche, beyond the beets and carrots. they were planted close to the same time as the seeds in the cloche, intended as a winter crop. i think the project is a failure. oh well. i told you i was late with this.

so. we may get some very early beets, and maybe also carrots. the rest of the cloche will be ready for early spring planting. the same stuff, greens and cabbages, pictured above will do fine if we restart it in february and transplant into the tunnel cloche in march. and the beets should be done in may so we can start, something. i'm such a garden geek.

i'm also pleasantly surprised that our country may possibly be waking up to the catastrophe of our current executive.


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