Monday, December 19, 2005

The Greenhouse Project-Part Deux

we have movement! not far, 'cause i forgot everything i ever knew about geometry. you'll see from the picture that the "tracks" are aimed to turn the building. that would work if there were wheels attached to the building. there are not. i am using rollers that are not fixed. thanks to clare i know now that this is called trundeling. the thing moved almost effortlessly for almost 2 feet. geometry dictated that the rollers would either roll off the side of the tracks or out from under the building. and they did. doh. but for the distance it did roll the effort was minimal.

so i will redo the tracks and rollers to move straight ahead. it wants about ten feet of movement, a turn of about 30 degrees, 80 feet straight, a 90 degree turn, and a final 20 feet. i'm confident now that the straight ahead moves will go easily. i'll let you all know how the turns go when i get there. no going back now.

the posts are cut loose. the braces are in place. the jacking points are ready. the jacks are in place. and it works! the whole SE side of the building is rising.
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ready to move. what's wrong with this picture? well, it is a decent picture, but the arrangement of the rollers and the planks for them to roll on guarentees, not exactly failure, but at least the need to adjust it all every six inches of movement. don't laugh too much at my mickey mouse come-along setup.
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clear evidence of movement.

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an afternoon moment. the sun found it's way through he trees.

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i re-aligned the plank "tracks" to move the building straight ahead. it moved along quite nicely for ten feet and is ready now to turn. no, i have not yet worked out the turn. we made a movie of it moving. a moving picture. ha ha. low speed connection (small file, small picture). high speed connection (larger picture, better quality, larger file)

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