Monday, December 26, 2005

The Greenhouse Project part tres

i'm beginning here with the results. in the picture below the greenhouse is turned and ready to roll. well almost. the wall with the door was parallel with the flat plank sticking out from under it earlier in the day. the plank did not move. the whole dang thing rotated about 30 degrees CCW. on rollers, or trundles. that plank and it's trundle (i'm hoping that trundle is a legitimate noun) upon which the building pivoted, must be repositioned. the other three are ready.

here's an interior view before the building rotated. the pipe roller (trundle) is blocked so it can't roll. the plank under it is the one pictured above.

here is the other long side of the building ready to roll around. as part of our program of continual research we are testing 2 inch pvc pipe for strength. it flattened down to the size of the 1 1/2 inch steel pipe next to it. probably would shatter if it were alone here. science, of a sort.

this is looking at the end of the building with it's mini trundle setup, to keep the support as close to the center of the wall as possible. this would be like the front wheel of a tricycle turned turned sideways. the blocked roller would be like a blocked rear wheel. so the trike of a building turns when the handlebars are pulled in the direction of the front wheel, which is turned sideways.

the little lever that could. hooked to a steel stake driven into the ground with the very hammer pictured.

this post was ready saturday afternoon. it even was posted for 3 minutes. then we decided to do a holiday post. so. below is saturday's move.

bonus greenhouse picture!! as you can see below, if you've come this far in the illustrated narrative, gus the greenhouse has moved from where it was pictured in the first picture of this post (scroll up). the turn was accomplished friday. saturday, i repositioned the plank referred to in picture one and hooked up the little lever that could and began to crank, expecting that it would roll along as it had before. well. there is resistance from the slight incline. the ground is wet from rain. my steel stake won't hold. i have no anchor to pull against.

the rollers are steel pipe sections. i have pipe wrenches. in theory, turning one of the rollers will move the building. and it does!!!! i moved it about ten feet one inch at a time. next post i might include some math about leverage. or not.

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