Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's Snowing!

I went out this morning while the frost was still on the flowers. I didn't know if it was going warm up today and melt away the stark beauty. I went looking for color. There are still yellow roses in bud, some purple flowers that grow by the garage, even the brown deadhead on the gaillardia is deeply beautiful in close-up.

But then it started to snow. At first it was light flurries, mixed in with some drizzle. Maybe that's how it alway starts. It's been so long since I lived where it really snows, I can't remember. The flakes started to fall with more intensity, larger and more of them. I don't know any tricks for capturing the snow as it falls, so this is as close as it gets to what it really looks like.

Once the snow is on the ground, it's easy enough to see, especially with the beautiful contrast of the California quail. The males' head plumes so black against the freshly fallen white.

update: the bums discover that their new camera takes movies!!! we add sound!!! actually, the camera records sounds too, but our inane conversation didn't seem right.

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