Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Like The Eagles

The pirate has been working on moving the greenhouse. Rain or shine. I can't really assist. It's a one-person job the way he envisioned it. I look out the window and watch that greenhouse move, like a strange ghost ship passing our house right by. On a sunny day like today, I admit it, my teenager-high-school hooky-playing self takes over, and I coax him a way from his mission. "Let's go for a walk," I say, "I'll even drive to our favorite place." He's my hooky-playing soulmate, so we go. When we arrive, we walk and talk, and suddenly come upon two eagles in separate trees. We watch them and photograph them. It becomes apparent they want to spend time together. We hear them call to each other. One leaves its tree, goes to the other, and announces its arrival in a great eagle song we haven't heard before. Then it settles down comfortably with its mate. We smile and walk on.
First eagle
Second eagle
Second eagle flies
Announces arrival
Gets comfy

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