Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Naturally Political

I can't get my mind off the latest news of domestic spying. I look around and suddenly see politics everywhere.

the storm approaches
with dark revelations, a
reign of lawlessness

they tap tap away
pretend laws are nothing but
words, light as paper
goldfish suspended
in winter's pond waiting, for
Bush to be impeached

An important update:
Everyone-- Thanks so much for you thoughtful comments. I meant to write why this is so important to me, but I forgot in the poetic moment.
I worked at UC Santa Cruz for 16 years. I advised students there in many ways, from academics to the First Amendment. Every year for all of those 16, I met students who were motivated, compelling, dynamic, assertive, creative, and any other word you might think of when meeting a college student. But I never met one-- I NEVER MET ONE-- who should be spied on by the Pentagon. Yet, that's exactly what happened on my campus. Students protesting military recruiters (by holding a gay-kiss-in) at a Job Faire, were spied on by the Department of Defense .
Enough is enough.

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