Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Our Gratitude

The very best thing about blogging has got to be people we have "met" from all around the world. We receive emails and comments from people as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Arctic Bay, and Canada. We hear from Jean in France, Peter in Germany, and Sonia in Brazil. We feel an affinity with our friends in Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Massachussets, Minnesota, Michigan, Vermont, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon, California, New York, Hawaii, Virginia, Connecticut, Texas, and Montana. We read blogs from all around the globe. This is a remarkable thing for two retired folks who left California to hide out in Washington to grow our own food, and get as far off the grid as we could. Something happened. We started reading blogs in July 2004. We started our own blog in January 2005, and bought a camera. The world grew smaller, when we found we could reach out around the entire globe with a press of the "enter" key.
I wrote someone the other day and said that "ours is an empire where the sun never sets." That's the empire of blogging. We are communicating with each other without newspapers, television, telephones, or mail. We have found each other in this huge wired and wi-fied world.
We are so grateful for your presence in our lives. We have been enriched and renewed by all of you. Here is one of the reasons why we think of ourselves as unbelievably lucky. Peter Pan from Germany sent us these photographs.

Can you believe this richness? We thank Peter. We thank all of you.

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