Friday, December 09, 2005

The Seagull and the Crab

Before we were side-tracked by coyote on Thursday, we were heading out to North Beach on the tip of the peninsula. We had the camera and binoculars and hoped to see some shorebirds or eagles. It was an unusually clear day. We often see the Olympic Mountain range, but on Thursday we could see all the way to Cascade range. It was stunning.

Of course one of the things about North Beach is that it's on the northern most tip of the peninsula. That meant the beach was already in shade and quite chilly. We walked for about a mile, but there wasn't much going on, and decided to turn around and head back. I hadn't taken any photographs, and didn't think I would.

I noticed a seagull floating just off the shore with a crab in its mouth. I thought I'd photograph it because the crab was rather large and dark. It looked like an interesting contrast. I clicked. DPR said, "You know that crab is still alive." It was, and it was definitely trying to free itself from the seagull.
It was quite a battle. The crab freed itself more than once, and the seagull dove over and over to retrieve it.

I sympathized with the crab, and couldn't continue to watch it struggle or record its demise.
I finally had to look away.

DPR told me that the seagull took the crab to the beach and made a meal of it. You'll have to use your imagination.
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