Monday, January 23, 2006

Early Tomatoes

love apples!!!!!

this plant was started from seed in early october last year. it caught the last sun to warm the most exposed corner of the greenhouse and we brought it into the house in early november. it's kinda leggy from a lack of sun and only forms flowers after a day or two of all day sun, so there aren't a lot of fruits.

YUM! fresh home grown tomatoes in january. the greenhouse relocation project precluded any lettuce growing, so these greens are from our local coop.

i would take my turn to rant about the dismal state of our country, but huitzil has done such a fine job on chris matthews, while keeping his balance by photographing birds, and cervantes has dared to cite history in an attempt to warn us off a dangerous path, while keeping us well-informed on public health news, so i'll just recommend that you go read what they have to say.

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