Saturday, January 21, 2006

Eleven Years Later

i found this picture on the county website. i'm assuming that the date on it is a note by the picture taker, perhaps a county assessor. the assessor's database includes pictures of many properties. the people who built our house, and sold it to us 7 years later, built the "shed" as they call it and lived in the one bedroom unit in the end facing us, with the windows and slider, while the actual house was built. the swings are for their grandchildren. the buildings in the background to the left are the neighbor's. the closest is at least fifty feet away from the shed.

so i went out and took a photo of the same scene. we added the wooden fence on the right, and the deer fence just barely visible on the left(well i can see a steel post just left of the fir tree in the foreground). we also extended the rock edged flower beds and added the straw-mulched strawbberry bed in the center. i'm fairly sure that the builders planted the fancy fir tree in the middle and that the trees in the background on both side of the building are natives left after the area was logged maybe twenty years ago. the dark stuff is bark mulch. good. over black plastic. aaaarrrggg!! gazillions of coreopsis do succed to sprout and grow and blossom in the mulch.

health update: my back is almost normal again. i was active in the yard today. thank you all for your kind words and concern. i did it to myself this time. distracted by looking ahead to using the greenhouse while still working on it, i paid no attention to a proper work stance or the little twinges of stress. doh.

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